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Johnny's Journal
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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
1:27 pm
Sigh.... At work
Hello. Last night was awesome. The cook-out was great, the food was good, the company wonderful and we got some pretty bitchin' works of fire. It was nice to see everyone, and funny because next Saturday we're pretty much seeing them all again and cooking out. I'm so glad I took off of work yesterday. The cook-out was definately more fun then work would have been. And then I wouldn't have been able to do any fire work. Mmm... I made the best smore. The chocolate actaully melted and it was all warm and gooey. See gooey is a good food adjective. It was really great. Stuck here at work for the rest of today until tomorrow at 6 a.m. Then I get to go home. woo-hoo!!!! Family plots marathon on tonite, so that defiantely will be on. That's about all for now, Signing off.
Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
9:55 am
At work, sigh....
Last night was SO much fun. First we went to the Brookfield square, and then we went out to eat at Old Country buffet, where we pondered why the T in Jimmy Buffet's last name is pronounced, but in Old Country Buffet it's silent. Interesting! Also we were wondering how Phoebe on Friends spells her last name. But anyway, we decided we eat to much there and need to not go there again. Then we went to Chuckie Cheese. The most fun you can get out of $10. It was sooo fun. We had our picture taken like 12 times by that wierd machine. That was really great. And then we got 5 beach balls with all the tickets we had left over. We stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home and got gooey donunts. ( oh yeah, brian and I had a discussion on how gooey is a good adjective for food, but really not for anything else) Then we watched part of fight club and we went home. I have to make guacomole before I go to Roys. I've never made it before so hopefully it will turn out ok. We'll just have to wait and see. The bbq should be fun. I bought some works of fire at pick n save. Yea, I know a pretty odd place to buy them but I didn't feel like stopping any place else, I had to get to work. Plus I have to no cash until next Friday.

Current Mood: cheerful
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
3:30 pm
It's warm out.
So this morning I slept until quarter til 8 I was tired. Finally got around to watching QAF. Melaine is such a bitch to Lindsay. Mel went and had an affair after Gus was born and they even broke up for a while. Granted Mel had an affair with a woman, and Lindsay with a man, but still. Went out to Edwards with Jen this time. I let her drive the skid-loader. She had fun. Then I came home watched Queer Eye, it was good. It was funny when his friend came over at the end, and he's like " What's this in this bowl, is it like stones or can I eat one" so he picked one up and put it in his mouth, and then spit it out and said " yea, you can't eat it." that's totally me!!! This one time I went to see ma at work and they had this little chicken by their candy dish and if you pushed on it, it pooped out a little egg. Well..... I though the egg was candy so I stuck it in my mouth, and took the rest out too. Well it took me about 10 minutes to figure out it was NOT candy, and was just plastic. he he he Oh well!!!! I'm going to Chuckie Cheese later tonite. It should be fun. I haven't gone in a while. Well, that's all for now.
Oh yeah, I acutally accomplished something last night. I got my computer room cleaned. It was cool because I stuck a family guy dvd in the dvd player I have on my computer and watched it. I LOVE that I have dvd player on my computer. I thought when I ordered it that it was a dvd burner, but it wasn't. Oh well, it's still SOOOO cool.

Current Mood: blah
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
2:39 pm
At home and a little tired
So yea, today was my last early morning til monday morning. YEA!!!! so I worked, went to edwards, watered and clipped some up at St. Pete's and came home. Last night I didn't get ANYTHING accomplished that I wanted to, so here's hoping tonite, I get something done. he he he And I still have to watch the QAF from Sunday and the Queer eye from tuesday. But I don't have to work tomorrow morning, so I should be able to get it done tonite, even if I have to stay up late. That's about it for now.
P.s. What does K.C. stand for?

Current Mood: okay
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
3:56 pm
at HOME!
WOW, and home today, woo-hoo. Work again this morning ( I sooo didn't want to wake up!) So I went to work, and then to Edwards and was back by 11:20. It was great. I stopped at St. Pete's to water the plants, and tomorrow, I have to trim the weeds by them. I was going to today, but I wanted to get home so I could run errrands with Jen. She didn't call me til 12 anyway, but it was nice to sit and read and listen to the birds. So we went out and ran our errands, Pussy in 10 minutes ( he he he) and such. Now I'm at home. I should clean room, organize my gynecological, i mean genealogical stuff ( which maybe I will do) and get some stuff in the mail to rita, who I was supposed to mail something to, a really long time ago. he he he. Anyway not much else. I mailed some photos off to the lady in Michigan like I was supposed to about 2 weeks ago. So I'm a little slow, oh well. I just looked and if you have a PAID account with Livejournal, you can udate via phone. That's wierd. I don't get it. Anyway signing off for now.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, June 29th, 2004
7:48 pm
At Work again!!!
I'm at work again. It was a really nice day out sun/temperature wise. I had to work this morning, and at dad's Dad got mad at me, I didn't listen to him. Well I think that he didn't tell me where to get something, and he thinks he did so.. whatever. I took a glourious nap this afternoon. I was so comfy on the couch. Evern when I woke up I was still so comfy I didn't want to move. Then I did, and it totally ruined the whole thing. Kinda pissed me off. Oh well. SO I didn't get much accomplished today again like I wanted to. oh well. I called Mrs. Massuch and got a recipe for pie and we talked for a while and of course it led to porn. he he he. Anyway I have to pass meds soon, so I'll sign off for now.

Current Mood: sleepy
Monday, June 28th, 2004
6:32 pm
At work
Ugh. I'm at work now. and This is my week of three 6 a.m. mornings. I hate them so much. Yea I haven't written in this thing for like a really long time. I always start again, and then stop. I should do it every day. It's good therapy, and Lord knows I need that. I always try to write in a journal at home, but I never know when to write in it. i started writing before I went to bed, but sometimes I was to tired etc. I should start again. i have one from when I was a Junior I think. It's mainly about the boys I wanted. he he he Oh well, I'm just liek a teenage girl that way. Well. that's all for now.
Friday, January 30th, 2004
9:43 pm
Fuck Coral, She said I don't know how to get Cigarettes ready.
HELLO!!!! I have not written in this thing for SOOOOO long. Like since september. Oh well. Not much has changed. We moved, I guess that was a big change. I'm at Coral and Kaili and Alex's. I love coming here. I wish we lived together all ready. But we have to wait until June when their lease runs out. Kaili is sleeping. She's such a dork. She bitches and bugs for me to come over tonite, and now she's sleeping. HO!!! so nayway I went to Edwards today to do the chores, and Then my aunt mary and I went visiting in theresea. west bend and hartford. So that was cool, and we figured some more stuff about our gynecology, oh wait, I mean genealogy. So anyway not much else, and I'm trying to talk Alex into staying here. So That's all for now.
Sunday, September 21st, 2003
1:09 pm
Ok, so yesterday I went to a Seminar all day. It was actaulyl interesting and I learned alot. It was funnny because i felt like I was in school again. Then we went out to eat at Mullens. That was nice. I had a Reubun sandwich. It's SOOOO good. Then I went to Kaili and Coral's and Todd came and we had a pretty wild night. It was funny because Kaili's friend tony came over and Kaili, Coral, Todd and I were sitting on the couch and Todd was like " John give me a back rub" so I did and then Tony just all of the sudden got up and left with out saying anything. It was really funny. We were going to dye my hair, but we waited to long and we couldn't do it anymore if you catch my drift. he he he Anyway So We slept til 10:30, well except for Kaili who was still in bed when we left at 12:15. she's such a big ho. Anyway I have to find something to do today outside because it's SO nice out. Ta-Ta
Friday, September 19th, 2003
2:19 pm
So I worked this morning, that was uneventful. Then I went out to dad's and we moved some heifers. We led them all by halter which wasn't that bad except the last one just stood on the driveway and bellered and wouldn't move and inch. Totally pissed me off. Other thatn that, just biding time til I have to go to work. Ugh, Drop in center tonite. But tomorrow the Seminar is YEA!!!!!!! That should be exciting and then SLEEP OVER and Kaili and Coral's. That should be super fun. he he he
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003
10:05 pm
so yea the rest of last night was boring. More training about rashes and etc this time and documenting injuries. Way FUN!!!!! the only cool part was I sat next to Jan and we talked during it. Then I got back to work in time to catch the latest Queer Eye. Very good. I hated that wierd bar thing the guy had. It was retro, but ugly retro. Then today I got up watched Charmed of course, then went out to help dad move heifers, and then I came back to take a shower, went to a work meeting ( boring as All hell) got my eval ( good, Woo-Hoo!!!) and then stopped and picked up the LAST of the pictures. That's right I am FINALLY done getting negatives developed. For all of you who don't know, when gramma and grampa died, I got this showbox full of negatives. So I have been taking them in shifts of 50 to the photo shop. Well that took about a month. I had to do it in 50's because it was expensive. but I'm FINALLY done. So I got some great pictures of my dad as a boy, and my gramma and grampa. They were sucha cute married couple. I miss them alot. But anyway the project is really only half over. Now I have to go through see which ones I want and get them developed and do the same for Jen and Judy. THEN I have to make a list of each photo to put with the negatives. WAY FUN!!! But you know me, I thrive on monotony. So after that not much else. Just hanging around the house. I had to burn some cds for Benito and for some reason it took a long time. I wonder why. Anyway work again tomorrow. YEA!!! ok not really but whatever.
p.s. the My Little Box, GREAT SONG!
Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
9:41 am
Yeah so I went to dad's and we went to town and picked upa bunch of meat because he butchered at cow. One cow makes ALOT of meat. Then we cleanded up the barn some and I went home. Ugh, My car smells liek a rotten pear, but I can't find any in the car. So it must be hiding somewhere underneath a seat. Then i came back and went to the photo store. Well guess what, I only had 4 pictures in. Instead of like 60. So he gave me them free ( he better have) and so I dunno when the rest are going to come. Soon I hope. I had to work this mornign and have to work tonite and then there is Training. Woo-Hoo!!! ok, nto really training is super boring, but whatever. I get paid for sitting there and listen to people talking so it's not all that bad. Woo-Hoo seminar this saturday and then sleep over at Kaili's house. I'm super excitied. he he he Anyway just wasting away the day, I'll probably pack my room some more.
p.s. yes I realize I've been listening to Madonna alot lately, but It's a good cd. Espically the song X Static Process.
Monday, September 15th, 2003
9:55 am
Yeah I didn't get on yesterday. I worked all day and then came home to watch a little tv and went to bed. Yesterday was uin-eventful, it rained which is ok because I like the rain. We went to perkins for pie and coffee after lunch. It was nice, I had the peanut butter silk and that was really good. I watched a little er last night, it was the episode where doctor green finds out he has cancer. I was watching the ER on TNT and I got all confused becuase i'm like "
uh... doesn't doctor green have cancer" and I'm like oh yeah that was a different episode and later in the series. he he he Anwya I'm going out to dad's again today. And then I should really start to pack more, Mainly my room, I keep forgetting about ALL the stuff I have in my closets. It's alot. So... anyway not much else, so.........
Saturday, September 13th, 2003
10:40 pm
10:34 pm
Damn right Kyan. Woo Boy is lookin FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10:34 pm
9:55 pm
Yea It rained all day today. I'm SOOO happy. I love the rain. So not much went to work, got soaked when I went to pick the clients up at Jesus Cares, it of course was raining really hard then, then we just hung around the house til church then came back. and NO COMMUNION!!!!!!!!! I was sooo glad. For those of you who don't know I have to take the people I work with to church and when there is communion it mkaes church SOOO much longer and it's a big hastle. So I'm SO glad I'm finally off the rotation. YEA!!!! Hocus Pocus was on twice so I had it on both times. I LOVE that movie. It's Sooooo great. I should buy it. It's sooo hysterical. I love Bette Midler ( well I have to I'm gay) and Kathy Najimy is sooo funny. Yea, so other than that Another day of work tomorrow. Boo-hoo, and then Monday I get to go help Dad some more. God I volunteer once to go help him and now whenever I have a day off. But whatever, I would just be watching tv and stuff otherwise, so this was I get exercise and fresh air. It may be manure scented, but I'm used to it so.........
Friday, September 12th, 2003
3:25 pm
So, the rest of last night was boring, I fell asleep on the couch and then went to sleep upstairs. This morning I set my alarm for 7:30 but slept til 9. Pissed me off. Then I got up, had breakfast watched a little ER and then went and helped dad. I fed the calves again and then we cleaned out one of the sheds. then it rained so I came back home. Not much on the agenda for tonite. I might go to the bethesda thing again with Jen, if Not I think I might see a movie with Kaili or Todd, or both, who ever answers the phone and wants to go. So we'll just wait and see. and then Work tomorrow and sunday. ugh!
Thursday, September 11th, 2003
5:51 pm
the rest of last night was boring. Didn't too much, just sat around the house, watched tv. This morning I went to work and then came home. I went to the Bethesda Country Fair and picked up some stuff, and then went to Hartford. I stopped off at Culver's for lunch. I had a chicken salad sandwich. Ugh! Way to much mayonaise, no lettuce ( it's supposed to come with lettuce) and it just wasn't good. Then I went to the History room and did 4 hours of GLORIOUS research. It was great, and I found some other great things. Then I went to Old St. Kilian cemetery to get some photos, stopped off at Dairy Queen because I had to pee SOOOOO bad, and then I got a chocolate shake. I got a large one, which I shouldn't have. Too much. Then when I got back into town I went to Como Photo becuase they told me that my pictures would be ready. Well they weren't. So I could only pick up one, and I have to go back tomorrow to pick up the other three. I was very annoyed, and I think the guy knew it. Good, I've only spent like $400 there, I should be a prefered customer. Now I'm home and I'm jut going to hang out for the rest of the day. I should really pack, but I'm to lazy.
Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
2:26 pm
Last night was very boring at work. Oh well. Then after that I came home and I couldn't get to sleep. Then around 11:30 I heard this beeping. Adn i'm like what the fuck is it? It wasn't in my room or in the hall. So I'm all laying in my bed, becoming very annoyed. Then I remebered my stupid Simpsons clock was downstairs on the table and the damn alarm was going off. So I had to drag my ass out of bed and go turn it off. This morning at work nothing fun and exciting. I went out ot the farm to help dad unload a load of hay and I bottle fed some of the calves, so now my hands smell like sour milk. After that I went to addison to put flowers on gramma's, Roy John's and Mildred's graves. It was reall nice at the cemetery. So I walked around a bit, took some pictures and then drove back. I love driving when it's warm out sooo much. During the winter it's not so much fun because I can't have the windows down and the wind blowing in. Well I could, I would just get frostbite or pnemonia or something. So I do most of my driving in the summer. The bethesda country fair going on now WOO-HOO!!!! I'm nto sure if I'mgoing to tonite or not. Julie called me and told me she wanted to go, but now she watns to go tomorrow. I'd rather go today but whatever. We'll just have to see what happens.

Current Mood: accomplished
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